Heidi Winzinger


Heidi Winzinger packs a lifetime of experience into her finely crafted songs.  Coming to her mostly while doing the laundry, walking the dogs, talking with friends or sitting in traffic listening to the news.  Using little more than her acoustic guitar, the Southern New Jersey native addresses love and loss in a changing world, with her brilliantly expressive voice bringing out the beauty in everyday moments.  Her gift for storytelling has won her a small but devoted fanbase around the globe. 

Growing up surrounded by rural backroads and long stretches of farmland, Heidi was naturally drawn to the country music that soundtracked her childhood.  The beauty of the songs stuck with her as she came of age, and she began to dabble in songwriting herself.  Music became her way of interacting with the outside world and she found tremendous comfort in expressing her innermost thoughts through words and melodies.  She would eventually go on to study agriculture in college and get a job preserving farmland, but music was never far from her mind. 

During a particularly emotionally charged period of time, Heidi finally decided to make the leap from amateur to professional songwriter.  She rented a guitar and joined the Nashville Songwriters Association International’s local chapter, where she was exposed to a dedicated community of songwriters.  They helped her combine her raw talent with intricate craftsmanship to turn her songs into something truly special.  As a result, Heidi released her first album ‘Snow Day’ in 2007. 

Snow Day’s profound and moving songs immediately gave Heidi an international audience, as it was played on indie radio in the US, UK, Germany and more.  With songs touching on themes like the love of a dog, the joys of being snowed in, and the loss of a loved one, many fans of folk, country, and rock had found a new favorite artist.  She followed that up with the equally impressive ‘Honeysuckle Dream’ in 2011, and ‘Jersey’ in 2012. 

Heidi currently works as a songwriter building her library of music for others to license and cover.  In her decades long career, she has learned how to use her voice to bring attention to the issues she cares most about, from animal rights to personal growth.  She is more passionate about her music than ever before, and is hard at work looking for new ways to share her vision with the world.

Heidi performs solo, as a duo with Sharis www.SharisMusic.com.