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Jersey (Don't Kill Me)

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The Jersey Devil is a legendary creature or cryptid said to inhabit the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey, United States. The creature is often described as a flying biped with hooves, but there are many different variations. The Jersey Devil remained an obscure regional legend through most of the 18th and 19th centuries until a series of purported sightings in 1909 gained it press coverage and wider notability. Dunning writes that the Jersey Devil was described in newspapers as having "leathery batlike wings", the body of a serpent and the head of a horse, cloven hooves, two small arms, a devil's forked tail, and a "horrifying screech".

Heidi's song "Jersey" (Don't Kill Me) is a play on the Jersey Devil's immortality coming to an end. It is searching for a cure by drinking blood, but nothing works. Then, he is lured through the pines back to Leeds Point by a sister he didn't know existing who is more powerful a witch than his mother was. She offers her blood to give him true immortality, but she has to beg him to trust her and not kill her first.


Moonlight crawls across the black of night
Labored breathe, you rest, under the pitch pines
Four hundred years are wearing thin
Kirkwood-Cohansey poised to drink you in

Bemused by your need to journey on
A spell of low smoke sweetly envelopes you
Divine fragrance drives you to the Point
Nostrils flared, the smell of kin blood yeah...

Jersey don’t kill me
Jersey don’t kill me
Rewards unclaimed for you alive or dead
Men still hunt you down across this barren land
Immortality slipping away
But here behind my door your resurrection lay

Blood spilled from Red Bank to Barnegat
Searching for the cure with every crimson drink
Believing your kind were extinct
But now the fourteenth child reveals herself to you


Like you, death has walked past my door
But decay has put a mark on you
And I’ve had time to hone my sorcery
And now I share with you our immortality