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You Can't Stop What's Comin'

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You Can’t Stop What’s Comin’
Heidi J. Winzinger

Pipe dream stolen in a nightmare
Find meaning in the frosty night air
Buried courage up with the sun

Prick fire coursing through marrow
Oppressive heat, straight and narrow
Keeps on and on and on and on!

Cause you can’t stop what’s coming
Blood thin scream, hear it rush in
Destiny callin’, callin’ you home

On the pulse of a new day
Find your courage, a strange thing
Stand up and face it, you can’t run away

Slant of light reflects in a mirror
Shadowland, a crack in the armor
Break through come on you in waves

Consequence not so distant
Face up to the lost Innocence
Unfolding of a new way


Bridge & vocal & instrumental solos:
Oh Oh (repeat with solo)
Oh, Oh, You can’t stop what’s comin’ oh yeah
Oh, Oh, You can’t stop what’s comin’ oh yeah