1. It's Not Dirt
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It's Not Dirt

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I originally wrote this song for my boss Rob Baumley who was retiring from the NJ Farmland Preservation office. Prior to preserving farmland he was one of the first soil scientists to survey New Jersey "the Garden State"!! I studied agriculture in college and received more formal training in soil identification and appreciation. I hope this song helps others appreciate our soil because it is truly one of our most precious and sometimes under appreciated resources! -Heidi


Back in the 1970’s
There was a soil scientist in New Jersey
They said, right here in the Garden State
Their growin’ apples and blueberries and corn and hay

They said the most important thing
Isn’t the air you breath or the rain that falls
They said the most important thing
Is the earth below where the roots grow strong

And they said, there is just one more thing
There tired of hearing people calling it what its not
So they wrote this song so everyone will remember

It’s not dirt it’s soil! It’s not dirt its soil!
From the Highlands to the Delaware Bay
We got sandy loam and muck and clay
Growin’ our food everyday
its not dirt its soil

So they set out across the land
With Munsell color charts and augers in their hands
To survey and name
All the soils New Jersey contained

We’ve got Adelphia and Hammonton
We’ve got Hazen and Woodstown and Washington
We’ve got Turbotville and Quakertown
Neshaminy and Holmdel and Collington

And they said, there’s just one more thing
Their tired of people calling it what its not
So they wrote this song so everyone will remember