1. I Can't Sleep

From the recording I Can't Sleep

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I Can't Sleep

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I’ve got the notepad by the bedside
I drank the Chamomile tea
To steep my senses in forgetfulness
But endless worries still come seeping through

I can’t sleep
I can’t sleep
Sifting through chores and trouble
that work me over good
And then there’s you
And then there’s you
And then there’s you

I watched a thousand breaths
Flow through in golden light
No matter the hues in which I bathe myself
Their warm wash can’t heal my mind


I will block you out
I will swallow my knight
I’ll find peace in an empty head
From this tortured day I will descend


erase the day
I can’t have you dwell here
Remove the veil
Between me and
Sweet sleep

Sweet sleep

Sweet sleep