1. Annie

From the recording Annie

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I prayed to God to put words in my mouth
If I could of just said something to turn you around
But every chance I got, my tongue was tied
Now I’ve come here to make it up to you
So I’ll be real clear so you can see through
This tough exterior that hides what’s inside

If you would hear me out
I want to tell you everything and relieve your doubts
Cause this is me asking you
Annie won’t you come home?
Oh, Annie won’t you come home?

It’s the fire inside when you’re in my arms
It’s the heartache when you’re gone too long
It’s the feel of your skin against me at night
It’s you singing in the shower while I’m lying in bed
Talking to you while you get dressed
And how good you look in just your jeans

Repeat Chorus

The world ain’t right without you here
Won’t you come back to me oh Annie?

Repeat Chorus