Heidi Winzinger


Heidi Winzinger packs a lifetime of experience into her finely crafted songs.  Coming to her mostly while doing the laundry, walking the dogs, talking with friends, or sitting in traffic listening to the news.  
This Southern New Jersey native addresses love and loss in a changing world, with her brilliantly expressive voice bringing out the beauty in everyday moments.  Her gift for storytelling in a song has earned her accolades as a rising amateur songwriter.     

Growing up surrounded by rural backroads and long stretches of farmland, Heidi was naturally drawn to the country music that soundtracked her childhood.  The beauty of the songs stuck with her as she came of age, and she began to dabble in songwriting herself.  Music became her way of interacting with the outside world, as comfort was found in expressing her innermost thoughts through words and melodies.  Heidi was a voice major in college "for about a minute," as she likes to say.   Then on to political science, leading to an internship for the Regan administration at the White House.  After that, it was one final shift in her studies when she found agriculture suited her interests best.  Always keeping music in her back pocket, Heidi now works in farmland preservation and continues to hone her music writing skills as she creates a library of songs for others to record and license.     

She creates songs and records the demos to the best of her ability at the time, releasing them as a singer-songwriter.  It's a long way from when she first tried to write a song, rented a guitar, and asked a friend to teach her some chords.  As always, she wants to produce the best she can, and joining the Nashville Songwriters Association International, where she was exposed to a dedicated community of songwriters willing to share their knowledge, brought her along.  This organization continues to help her combine her raw talent with intricate craftsmanship to turn her songs into something exceptional.   

Her first group of songs on the Snow Day album are profound and moving, giving Heidi an international audience, as this group of songs were played on indie radio in the US, UK, Germany, and more.  With music touching on themes like the love of a dog, the joys of being snowed in, and the loss of a loved one, many Folk, Country, and Americana fans had found a new favorite artist.  She followed that up with the equally impressive 'Honeysuckle Dream' and then a group of songs created about her unique look at events and history in New Jersey. 

Heidi's latest release, "You Can't Stop What's Comin', "is now available for others to cover, license, or transform through co-writing to make a new version.   

Heidi performs solo, as a duo with Sharis www.SharisMusic.com and as a member of the Raising River Band www.RaisingRiverBand.com.