Snow Day

Dance With Me

Heidi Winzinger


Hello honey I’ll be home by eight This traffic jam’s got me runnin’ late But I’m drivin’ along dreamin’ of you Thinkin’ when I get home what I wanna’ do I don’t want to talk about my day How the corporate ladder almost gave away What I’d really like is to clear my mind Take these high heels off and have a glass of wine so we can Chorus: Dance across our kitchen floor Turn the music up and lock the door Yeah, spin me around baby one two three Pick me up off the ground and dance with me I know this job takes a toll on us But a few more years and a little luck I’ll be callin’ the shots and you can be sure Every Friday night I’ll be home by four…so we can… Repeat Chorus These days a girl has to work a little bit more Turning glass ceilings into open doors I need you to completely understand It doesn’t hold a candle to when I take your hand, so we can… Repeat Chorus
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