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"Heidi Winzinger has got such a clear voice, really perfect for an emotional travel throughout these beautiful songs ...she is really perfect for my format and my own tastes..." Mike PENARD /  American Roots Music / ISA Radio /FRANCE

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Heidi Winzinger opens with a real beauty, the title song 'Honeysuckle Dream.' The dobro adds to the interest. Heidi's voice, as she reaches that high note, is memorable. 'I'm Falling Too' walks in the main theme of this collection – relationships. This is sweetly sung and the arrangement, including additional voices, is clever and polished.

'Paper Trails' bops along in the vein of a Carol King song that invites you to "snuggle in for a Friday night..." 'Midway Avenue' is a personal memory, probably of a father, "He was the captain of Midway Avenue." 'Come Home' is Heidi's believable plea for a united holiday with her family. The upbeat 'Yogi Mamma' is sung to a conga beat as Heidi chants her way to the relief she wants from a meditative workout.

'Super Dog' recalls that faithful mutt whose life unfortunately ends far too soon. The memory lingers. 'Killer' is a puzzler. The lyrics suggest serious crime tucked into a soft melody, but it reminds us of the sad moments when we have had pets euthanized. Whatever the source, Heidi is not afraid of difficult subjects. 'I Can't Sleep' dwells on the insomnia and all the methods that fail. I like this last song almost as much as the stellar title song.

Overall, this is nicely arranged and produced collection by an accomplished writer. You can find samples on her website. The use of instruments is judicious and enhancing. Heidi Winzinger's voice has a fine quality, and these are good songs.

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"Heidi Winzinger is a songwriter that deserves to be known 'cause she's a very talented one. "Honeysuckle Dream" has many songs that fit perfectly with the way I intend music to be...intelligent and heartfelt.  Remo Ricaldone, American Roots Radio, Italy

Sometimes you run into a cd that appeals to you immediately. Until recently, Heidi Winzinger was completely unknown to me, but her cd ‘Honeysuckle Dream’ certainly belongs to that category. This New Jersey born lady with a PhD in agriculture may be dreaming to sit on the porch of her own farm some day, but I certainly hope she will never leave the singing behind. For ‘Honeysuckle Dream’ is a lovely record, full of variation and with excellent songs. Add to that the fact that her voice sounds very charming to me, to put it modestly. Recognizable, colorful and simply plain beautiful. Colorful like the honeysuckle, in Dutch ‘kamperfoelie’, to adhere to the theme of the album.

This is not an album that digs deep all the time, the jazzy ‘Yogi Momma’ is just a simple ‘feel good’ song and the tasty up-tempo ‘Paper trails’ is just a song about reading a book. But in the very beautiful song ‘I’m Falling Too’ she paints a love affair with the shades of autumn. Beautiful dobro playing, her voice gorgeously combined with beautiful background vocals deliver just the right atmosphere for this song. Similarly, Heidi lifts the folky ‘Midway Avenue’ to a very high level.

There’s a lot of sarcasm in the catchy ‘Another Perfect Day’, about the empty lives of a number of frequent manicure visiting housewives. Happy and cheerful from the outside, but it’s a thin layer of make-up that hides the sadness. But what’s that hollow feeling that follows you through the day? she sings in the darkly sounding bridge. The beautiful ‘I can’t sleep’ with a lovely bass clarinet arrangement closes this cd in an impressive way.

This exemplarily produced cd is released by Tresspass Music. This label recently released some cd’s that are more than worthwile and ‘Honeysuckle dream’ with its extensive instrumentation is certainly one of them. We don’t rate reviewed cd’s with stars in this place, but if we did I would certainly give this one a four out of five. Heidi Winzinger has proven to be a more than pleasant surprise.

(Ed Muitjens)

Album: Honeysuckle Dream

Review by Melissa Nastasi

 If Neko Case and Ryan Adams had a child, her name would be Heidi Winzinger. The New Jersey native has just released her newest album Honeysuckle Dream, full of enchanting lyrics and haunting tones as soon as it begins. The title track, “Honeysuckle Dream,” draws you in immediately, and the listener will right away be able to sense that they are in for a treat. “I’m Falling Too” echoes with slow guitar picking, slide guitar, and the tremendous vocals of Winzinger. Though it is uncertain if she is vocally trained, her voice is smooth and perfect on every note that she hits. She knows her limits though, and not try to force anything she will not be able to accomplish. Midway through the song grows, and what once sounded simple now contains layers of blissful guitars.


“Paper Trails” strips Winzinger of her soft side as her vocals show more power and intensity than in the first two tracks. The same can be said about the music overall.  She pushes the limits of her musical abilities but is able to achieve a piece that captivates the listener. “Midway Avenue” brings the folk side to the forefront of Winzinger’s work and tells an in depth story that starts out as  “1935 a starry night,” and continues in a timeline fashion.  Heidi is an incredible lyricist that gets her story across. It is more like reading a good book at times as one can see the lyrics fly off of the pages.  “Come Home” contains a hint of Alt-Country that blends wonderfully with her folk sound. Her vocals vary in tone and volume as she plays between the parallels of quiet and loud, where the latter is more powerful. In a confusing turn, “Yogi Momma,” pours a whole lot of jazz into the record, which doesn’t exactly flow. This is the only song on Honeysuckle Dream that disappoints.  It is almost too different for the album.


Everything is back on track with “Another Perfect Day,” as Winzinger quickly returns to what she knows best. Accompanied by a slide guitar and astounding piano piece, this is a standout song. Her vocals mesmerize as they show off what they can accomplish. “Super Dog” mixes in hint of funk in the guitar parts, but Winzinger stays true to her own charming tone. This is a song that anyone who every owned a dog can relate too and though it comes off as cute, it certainly does not come off as cheesy which is a hard feat.  “Killer” lingers in both music and vocals. “Oh I’m a killer…. I remember the day you came tied to the front door sitting there shaking in the pouring rain,” sings Winzinger. This distressing song is beautiful despite the deep story telling of the tragedy in her lyrics. Layered Cellos add a dramatic effect that brings the song to life and helps tell the tale. “I Can’t Sleep” closes out the album as softly as it came in, serving as the second bookend on Honeysuckle Dream


This record is more like a novel, and the listener must be sure not to skip over any tracks or it will be like missing a chapter. Every song has a story to tell and the passion of the music that accompanies the lyrics brings every word to life. Expect to hear more from Heidi Winzinger. She can tell a narrative like no other and that is truly a gift. It is highly recommended that you pick up or download a copy of Honeysuckle Dream. It’s the album you’ve been waiting for.


Review by Melissa Nastasi

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)
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