I Don't Want To Know

Heidi Winzinger
Heidi Winzinger


In 2011 two fine men died suddenly in New Jersey. This song was written in honor of a mother and a wife who endured incredible pain from the unexpected losses and the process of coming to terms with why some people are taken from this life and not left to grace the earth until their old age.


I’m gonna try to get up in the morning and face the day Try just to just be grateful for the time you passed my way Try to read some of the cards that came in the mail Try to find the reason my worlds turned upside down chorus: But until then, I don’t want to know anything Let the shadows of another starless night cover me I don’t want to know the reason my heart’s broken apart I don’t want to know because the reason just can’t be good enough I don’t want to know. Oh I don’t want to know. I’m gonna try to wash some of the clothes that hold your scent Try to raise the shades and let some sunlight in Try to answer the phone instead of letting it ring Try to understand what I just can’t seem to see Chorus bridge I want you back I need you back in my arms I need you now oh ah...oh ah I’m gonna try to think of something else besides you gone Try to find the peace in being alone Try to embrace that it’s just part of God’s plan Try to believe there’s a reason for everything
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