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Heidi Winzinger: Home

Heidi Winzinger

A native Jersey girl, Heidi was influenced by old time Country music but also developed her own taste including everything from Johnny Cash to Neil Diamond and Pink Floyd.  With a dream to work her own farm, Heidi studied agriculture in college while continuously nurturing her love of singing and writing. Today Heidi preserves farmland in New Jersey, is a proponent of supporting local agriculture and an advocate for animal rights and rescue. She writes songs which combine her influences of Folk, Country, and Rock in her own unique style.  Telling stories of losing a loved one suddenly, women losing themselves to their jobs, the loss of farmland to development, the friendly feeling a snow day brings, celebrating a beloved dog and the fabled Jersey Devil.

Heidi writes songs, performs on her own, with friends and currently with the Raising River Band   

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For licensing the use of my music please feel free to contact me directly.  If you are interested in covering my music for your enjoyment or performances I'm happy to email you the lyrics and chords. 

As always, please support songwriters by purchasing their music directly or using iTunes of CDBaby for your downloads.  They are the two vendors who pay songwriters fairly.