Heidi Winzinger

I was born right here in Mount Holly New Jersey and although I've been around the world a bit, I just love New Jersey.  In New Jersey you can be in the forest, on a farm, at the beach, in the city or in a quaint historic downtown within a short drive.  

Folks may not appreciate it if they only see her from the Turnpike.    

When I was a kid my dad was way into old time country music.  Kitty Wells, Hank Williams Sr. and Johnny Cash gave me my first taste of simple songs with big stories.  I sang in school plays and had visions of being a professional singer for a minute or so until I changed my major from voice to agriculture.  That's a long story, but in the end the dream of working in farming was strong and I figured I could always keep music in my pocket, which I did.    

Somewhere along the line I was more depressed than usual and found writing really helped.  A neighbor taught me a few chords and I started to put together some songs.  Not being very good at it, I joined the Nashville Songwriters Association International and started studying the craft.  It is a constant work in progress as I build my library of songs to share with others who want to use them for their own purposes or cover them.  My songs are all over the place, focusing on unique topics like the aftermath of losing a loved one suddenly, women losing themselves to their jobs, the loss of farmland to development, the friendly feeling a snow day brings to your neighborhood, and of course, a girls best friend.  Oh, don't be silly I'm talking about a dog.  I also like writing songs about New Jersey and her wonderful soils, precious aquifers, revolutionary war history and fabled Jersey Devil.

As an introvert I feel more comfortable in silence and solitude.  Spending a day at home with my dogs working on projects and not saying a word is a perfect day for me.  So it is unusual that I feel comfortable with a group of people so much that I look forward to seeing them.  The Raising River Band members are one of those special groups for me.  Everyone is unique, talented, kind and lovely in their own way and I feel lucky to have be involved with this project.  www.RaisingRiverBand.com. 

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For licensing the use of my music please feel free to contact me directly.  If you are interested in covering my music for your enjoyment or performances I'm happy to email you the lyrics and chords. 

As always, please support songwriters by purchasing their music directly or using iTunes of CDBaby for your downloads.  They are the two vendors who pay songwriters fairly.  



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